Are You Aged 50 Plus and Want to Help Others?

 The Financezone run the financial education offshoot –  Moneytrainers which  teaches non-financial people the truth about money.

We do this in a range of ways, both online and face to face (we also run workshops and events). You as a 50 something can help us do that.

Specifically as an over fifty, you have the life skills and experience to be able to work with and coach MoneyTrainer members. In simple terms we need you to provide a hands on experience in your local area, supported by our online tools and our weekly and monthly hangouts.

We don’t want sales people;  we want people that want to help others transform their financial circumstances by showing them the truth about personal financial planning in the twenty first century.

  • Show others how money really works.
  • Outline the issues with pensions and the future problems.
  • To help highlight how people can save and make more money.
  • Help others start and manage their own business in order to obtain F I (financial independence.

All training is provided and full support is available for the 50 Plus Consultants.

Let me show you one of  the truths we teach people.

Look at the image below.

Jupiter Growth and Income | Investment Planning 

The above is a chart showing investment performance. Most people understand that investing in stocks and shares is one way to  ensure future long term security, however the chart above shows that in real terms over the past ten years many investments would not have returned much, in fact, investments like these are possibly one of the worst investment decisions many people could make. A Money Trainer consultant helps to point people in the right direction.

MoneyTrainers are the financial equivalent of  a local Slimming Club, but instead of losing weight we show people how money works, all you need to be able to do is to help with some of the hands on stuff. Interested to know more, get in touch below and we’ll walk you through the opportunity we have.

Once we have your details one of us will be in touch. There will be no sales pitch or offer, if you are interested then some more details will be provided.

Don’t forget to tell us a little about you and a good time to arrange to speak.

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