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Any of you that have followed me for more than a few years will know that  I come back to a couple of subjects ad-nauseum. One of these subject is Allied Dunbar. Probably the highest profile seller during the 1980’s of pension plans that really didn’t add up.

Charges within most of the plans sold by Allied Dunbar were high and some were horrific. To the point where I doubt an investor ever made any return on the money paid in.

Now Allied Dunbar have effectively gone from the market place, or at least are not selling new plans every consumer should be grateful. Importantly, there is no evidence that any of the financial regulators are interested in reviewing past sales from this provider, nor helping the owners of these pension (and investment) plans solve the problem of poor investment returns or high charges  – or indeed both.

For you, as an owner of one of these plans you should be concerned. Concerned about how much the pension is actually working for you and how best to get yourself out of the contract without any heavy losses.

My offer of a two part strategy will work for you to ensure you get the right opinion about your options and the information you need to make a decision about your pension planning.

Strategy for Dealing with Allied Dunbar Pensions.

  1. Review and compare. Current values, penalties and investment returns.
  2. Consider options, your short and medium term plans and alternative contracts.

When you are ready you can order this as fixed price from this link.

Allied Dunbar Pension Review

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