Money Trainers and Richard Smith

Money Trainers was conceived  to help you with three things  – the three M’s.

1. To provide a solid financial education – Money. It seems that the  financial regulators have an  inability to protect consumers of financial products properly and to educate them.

It’s also important to understand that there is not a single Independent Financial Adviser in the UK that has ever made anyone rich.

Never has it  been more important to understand how your finances really work, nor has it ever been easier to plan and manage your own financial situation better than any professional. After all, who do you think cares more about your money?

2.To help you with your Mindset. Most people don’t believe they can do wonderful things with their money and their lives. Having twenty percent more in your savings over a 10 year period just by choosing the right investment platform and investing at the right time – only works if you know how and you are minded to make the changes.

With the help of the MoneyTrainers mindset courses we show you how by making some simple changes to how you think can have a massive impact on your future finances.

Mindset is deeper than that. With depression and stress related illness becoming more and more common, having the right mind is important. MoneyTrainers brings you the up to date knowledge and skills you need to survive.

3. Microbiz – it has never been more important to build  flexibility in to your financial situation and running your own business is a flexible and tax efficient way to grow your wealth. We teach you how to market yourself and your business in order to grow your finances. I still work as a Small Business Consultant, helping small firms sell more and grow profits.

1. The banks and many financial advisers had not helped most people to formulate a financial plan that would work. Indeed most had just sold products. Independent Financial Advisers are so limited in their field of recommendations, the term independent only meant that could get commission from more providers than those limited.

2. The information we all need to make our own financial plans was now available to everyone via the internet, you only need a little knowledge in order to formulate a great plan.

3. The pension providers, financial advisers and fund managers were in the main offering poor guidance and poor performing investments but with  a premium price.

4. Despite various regulators (5 since 1988 : SIB, Lautro, PIA, FSA, FCA) getting involved with the industry none had managed to stop the mis-selling of products nor force the industry to clean up it’s act. Nor were the Endowment, Pension, PPI scandals ever stopped despite much evidence well in advance. The regulator also oversaw the banking crisis and mis-selling on an industrial scale.   It is also evident that the FSA understood fully what was going on in relation to products under their watch  – Keydata was one appalling provider that should have been stopped. The FSA was fully aware of the goings on. Keydata

5. A financial education was going to be more important than ever moving forward.   Over the last couple of years I have been teaching a number of former clients how to manage their own finances and to help them on the road to financial independence.

Richard Smith – MoneyTrainer

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