MoneyTrainers – Telling The Truth About Personal Pensions.

It’s no good finding out your pensions were not going to do what you wanted them to do – when you get to retirement.

But that is what many of us do.

There is problem with many of the pensions providers in the UK and this has finally been acknowledged by  the Government, who are at last starting to do something about it. Only what they are proposing is more of the same.

Pensions as  a long term investment are not as tax efficient as you think,  charges combined with the ‘deferred tax’ liability makes them an appalling investment for many.

Now I know you have never heard this  news before. The fund management and pensions obviously don’t want you to know for obvious reasons.    Which is why  I went through a simple exercise with my client Alan, and now you can find out what I explained to him and walked him through the maths of a pension contract via a free report without any obligation.

In this report I cover several important points.

  • Why the pensions industry wants more pensions (all supported by Government)
  • How pension charges cripple your investment returns
  • Why pensions should be the last thing you ever invest in
  • What questions you need to ask your adviser/provider today

I am an ex pensions industry professional and I found out the hard way when my personal circumstances changed, since then I have  been on a mission to provide a truthful financial education to individuals and small businesses. Basic rate tax payers only need apply.

Alan approached us and  wanted  some guidance about pensions, he was not sure what to do.

If you would like your own  copy of what  I told Alan – The Brutal Truth About Personal Pensions! Send your details below.

This is the information the Pensions Industry Does Not Want You  To Know.

We will  get the information to you immediately.

No need to panic about your personal details, we never share. But we will get you some follow up information out.

This report is important to your financial future, as  a bonus I also give you the questions you should ask your pension provider in order to find out what is really going on.


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