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The link to book your free consultation is here. No obligation, no matter how complex. 
Richard Smith  is the Financial Planning – Explainer in Chief here at the ( having formally left a thirty-year financial planning advisory practice) in 2010 has spent the last ten years providing independent financial consultancy to individuals and businesses – actually doing the stuff that works instead of selling products.

The focus now is on making sure you have skills and knowledge to be able to manage your own personal financial  – based on the facts that the financial advisory industry has now collapsed and getting ‘advice’ is now harder and more expensive than ever.

Importantly the various financial regulators have not stopped the large scale mis-selling that has gone on in the most recent thirty years since formal regulation was introduced.

The most important thing you can ever know is, how to manage your own finances, how to leverage what you have  – financial education supported by tools and in two distinct areas of personal and business finances.

Money Trainers teaches you  how to   manage your own finances and to create a financial plan.

The Finance Zone provides a range of expert consultancy services to help solve your money problems. All of our services come with a money back guarantee – not happy don’t pay.

Planning your own finances and understanding what goes on is easy once you have a few ideas and some skills to help you. We work with you to show you what really works, what really makes money.

  • Money – we show you how the financial services industry works against you and how that is supported by a whole series of regulations.
  • Mindset – you either think you can manage your own finances or you think you can’t. Either way, you are right. This is not about some ‘woo woo’ approach to attracting money, it’s about know what to do next. Knowing what really works.
  • Microbiz – with the world of work changing so dramatically and it being so easy to set up your own business I want to help as many people as possible secure a secondary source of income based on what they already know.

MoneyTrainers and The Finance Zone – teach people like you how to do extraordinary things with your finances.

We do this with just three main tools. Education, training and mentoring. It’s not the markets that keep you poor, it’s the lack of proper knowledge and your lack of action. For those that need more complex hand holding the consultancy service is available – hourly or fixed price.

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