Annuity Purchase – Do Rich People Buy Annuities?

Over the past couple of years we have seen Annuity rates falling generally in line with interest rates generally, and there is little to suggest that these Annuity rates will be going up any time soon.

That covers part of the issue but not the main one, in that Annuity products have proven to be un-competitive for a long while which is something that has been noticed by the very wealthy and a good number of those that are less well off. However those at the bottom rung of the pension ladder in particular those with pension pots of less than £30k – £50k seem to buy more Annuity products than anyone else. This does seem right. 

Perhaps it really is the case of the wealthy thinking and acting different to those less well off. 

Certainly there are more products available for larger pension pots (over £100k) but that is not the full story. Pension Annuities have been poor value for a number of years and it’s vitally important you compare your options in detail before purchasing something that is so inflexible.

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