Care Fees – The Truth Is Not Being Told.

I have included a short presentation below which outlines some important points about your Care Fees planning. It won’t take long.

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Care Fees  despite the  NHS being under great strain  in recent months, and all of the talk about social care there are a couple of massive problem building up (or here already).

During the last quarter of 2016  I presented  some educational workshops for those of a ‘certain age’ that were likely to run into  problems with Care Fees planning. One of these was for the Indigo Umbrella Group. It was clear from these workshops that few really understood the implications of the 2014 Care Act and more education was required.

Since then I have raised at least three complaints againsts Will Writers and other “advisers” in Sussex who are selling solutions to the Care Fees conundrum without explaining the downsides. These are many.

Asset Protection Trusts

There have been a good number of arrests for firms selling these products. They dont work, are not effective and can only be described as complete rip off.

Giving Your House To Your Kids

Good luck with that. The 2014 Care Act puts in place specific provision that follows on from the Deprivation of Assets rules that went before.

Life Assurance Bonds

Sold for many years by advisers (independent and otherwise) as THE solution are flawed in many ways and you probably have grounds for complaint  if one of these has been sold to you.

Over the coming few months I will be arranging a number of meetings to discuss this important area of your financial planning and outlining some of these things and a lot more.

  • Social Services – what they won’t tell you and why.
  • Don’t rely on a valid Will and a Trust – it’s not worth the paper it’s written on.
  • What really happens to a Trust if you need to fund Care Fees.
  • Investing to cover Nursing Home Care and why that will never work.
  • The truth about the costs of Care.
  • State Provision – Continuing Care and the problems with that.

Leave me your details below (your information is never shared) and I’ll get you some more information out about these new meetings and some more information meanwhile.

Let me assure you of this… if you get to be post zimmer then you’ll appreciate the guidance and advice in this content. No salesman will call, there is nothing to buy.


Meanwhile, still not sure. Here are some snippets of what existing clients and workshop attendees say.

Care Fees Planning Workshops – Feedback

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