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Financial Education – Got Yours Booked Yet?

Some weeks ago I rolled out our Financial Jujitsu – financial education for those taking baby steps to transform their finances. Since then over thirty people have started to get financial change for the better.

In this training  I cover 

  • Saving money is making money.
  • The true cost of financial advice.
  • How Fund Managers rip you off.
  • Taking control of your own investments.
  • 5 Strategies to reduce income tax
  • Your own business and it’s importance.

Everything is geared to you finishing the training (online and off) and immediately saving over £1,000 per year – every year from the end of the training.  At the moment some further training is scheduled for later in July, and again in September.

If you would like to attend this training (and it’s pitched at a level that everyone will understand) please get in touch.

You can contact me here Contact Richard Smith


2014 Training Days – Taking Control Of Your Finances


During 2013 we successfully ran a number of special days where  I walked everyone through a complete Financial Plan.

From birth to death – covering all the important events and financial sticking points. Everyone was taught how to do just four things:-

  • Save and invest in a cost efficient way and pay no commissions or broker fees.
  • Find great investments that used our ‘Investment Jujitso’ to magnify the returns.
  • Reduce debt and borrowing in a manner that works.
  • Use the tax rules to boost your returns.

These four areas are supported buy our ‘closed group’ and the online training and updates.

These training sessions (split over two half days) are available to book now. The groups are kept small in order to make sure every one gets access to the high quality training and come with a complete money back guarantee.  My aim with all of these is to make sure you can take control of your own finances immediately – and start the process of never having to worry about money again.

If you want to make sure your financial planning is put on the right footing and you are keen to learn the skills required then these workshops are a must.

Send us your details below and we will update you via email when these are available.