Depression And Your Mind – What Is That Voice Saying?


This effin’ lunatic has controlled you for so long and you don’t even know it.


You know that voice in your head that just keeps on chattering away, keeps giving you ideas; thoughts that you think are real. The ones that insist on telling you how worthless you are; how rubbish you are; what  failure your life really is.


Well let me explain something to you. It’s not real, it’s not a voice that’s unique to you! We all have them. It’s not real and it’s not you.


The Muppets or Muggles of this world, an amazing 99% of people have no idea that they are being controlled by something that has no idea what is going on, it’s mad. Has the intelligence of a Pea and never has anything positive to add to your life. It’s just your ego.


So you have this thought. You hear it as clear as day. It explains to you all of this bad stuff and you believing it as real human friend.  Is that not madness? By changing how you think  you can change your life for the better.


Do this little exercise over the coming two days. Write them down, as they come just list them on a pad pad, and review them once. You will find that they are just thoughts and nothing but that. They are not true and they are not you. No one I have given this exercise to has ever failed to learn that they are not real.


For the next couple of minutes just think about the number of thoughts that go through your head on daily basis – the fact is that some 99.99% (that’s nearly all) is driven by your ego and are random.


If you have ever read a newspaper article about a mass murderer, child killer or rapist and had  read comments from their neighbour; they are usually in shock. And follow up with comments like “he/she was nice, always said hello and was polite. Kept their garden nice”. Yet they were killers!


These people had uncontrolled thoughts, that they believed to be real and acted on them.  

So in the coming couple of days just observe them. Sit in quiet spot which means no TV/RADIO and just relax, keep a pad by your side and write down all the stuff that appears.


Don’t question any of them just observe, notice what comes up in your head. It could be stuff from the day, last week. Concerns and worries about others or yourself will come and go, the service that’s due on the car. Crap and loads of it will come and go for no reason, it’s completely random.


This is your ego – that bleedin’ nutter that keeps you where you are now and makes you think about stuff that will just hold you where you are. Probably stuck in a massive rut (a rut is just a grave without ends).


Now I  not saying for one minute you are not ill. Provided your GP has given you the all clear – nothing physically wrong. Just that you are bit depressed! Do the exercise, you will find it empowering. Your thoughts are not you.


If you think you can do with some one on one support and some mind training, get it touch I know I can help you through it  by telling you the truth about what is going on.

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