Depression Help. Why So Little Works!

I was not on quest to find a cure for anything when I started this process.  I understood that my thinking was different to some of the people around me and that caused me to look further at what that was.


But don’t get me wrong I was not highly successful or very rich but I do have a very nice (some would say lazy) life without any stress or hassles that everyone else seems to face.


That does not mean I get away without the bad news. People still die and disease still strikes in my life as it will yours. It’s how you face them that makes the difference.


My starting point for this work was my thinking, the medical profession, the education system and the self development industry (life coaches and the  writers on the subject), I wanted to know what it was that made the difference  to people’s lives, what processes they used  and what action really need to be taken by those suffering with depression, or similar conditions.  


When I first started looking at the issues it was clear the much of what was delivered by the personal development industry was flawed, and again much of the information/drugs and therapy provided by others had chunks missing, which will go some way to explain why we are facing epidemic numbers of depression related conditions.


One of the things that struck me  was this, wherever I looked in order to find help and all solutions I was left with a very narrow band of products and ideas all of which seem to be the  same,  the GPs were only providing a drug based solution or a best very limited therapy (talking treatment), and then there were some of the higher priced private clinics which offered a range of solutions.


The reality with all of these was that none of them offered any long-term permanent solutions everything seemed to be temporary which is why I started to do some work in order to find solutions that could deliver long-term, and did not need to be supported by any third party.  The big issue is we as  humans living in the Western world, with all of our medical resources and support are not taught how to think in the right way no give in any tools with which to apply the right way of thinking.


If any of the existing solutions were going to be permanent surely they would not be the massive problem that western society is faced with, quite simply many millions of people suffering with this condition called depression.  My solution has been to consider very carefully what the options are and what tools are required purely because these did not exist in the right way.


So let me tell you what I found let them tell you why nothing works


As an aside we are told that goals are something we should all have in order to move forward and 99% of us at some point have set goals that are measurable and dependent on a time frame.

Now to put that in perspective do you think Richard Branson sets goals this?

Do you think he stated in his ‘dream book’ – “I want to own a major airline based in the UK by 1998x” no he did not.

If he set goals like this which is the way the gurus and coaches teach us he would have given up long before he achieved it. Which kind of proves the self development industry quite a lot wrong.


Your thinking, my thinking. We are not taught to think and this ever connected world of social media and smart phones it’s just getting worse. Everyone is thinking in nano seconds and cannot see further than the ends of their noses.


The medical profession – despite the level of training and years of experience most of what they seem to offer is another drug, a concoction of drugs or a some other therapy. Now for some these cures may work. But there can be no solution to such a profound challenge as depression.


Because all of you are special and unique most solutions from the medical profession are a try, “lets try some x or y and see how that goes”  but that may not be for you and weeks could go by before you end up with a solution. Then when you get a solution if you get a solution you could end up taking pills for a long while and never really dealing with the real issue.


Education – despite all of the skills passed down from teachers to pupils over a massively extended education process we seem never to be given the skills required in certain areas. Not once are we taught to how to look after ourselves, I mean really look after ourselves.


Then there are the issues of health and well being, we don’t eat properly and I am not talking about your five a day, nor do we exercise properly or think like we should. The content that is coming will help you with all of these.


So lets see how much shit information is out there.

Goal Setting – Amazon 1 – 16 of 47,806 Results

Positive Thinking – Amazon 23,098 Results


If you bother to search for Depression or Depression cures the results are similar thousands of results all pretty much talking about or coming up with the same end results.


Depression 29,676 Results


Surely not all of these can be right or if there was one that worked would we need another 29,000 or so results.


The simple answer is that none of these are really working.


But what about Drugs


Antidepressant medications prescribed for depression fall into four different classes of drugs:


  • serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs)
  • atypical antidepressants
  • tricyclic antidepressants
  • monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs)



These are the commonly used prescription drugs.


The line I like most about commonly used antidepressants is this one “we know that an asprin will cure a headache but the same headache is not caused by a lack of asprin.


Likewise depression is not caused by a lack of any one of these drugs.


But with hundreds of these drugs on the market place which one will work for you? All or none.


There is more misinformation in this area  and lots of it .One of these is here only I am not sure what if any points this is trying to make but some of the content is spurious to say the least – save your $19.95.

No so long ago we were holding people in asylums and passing electrical currents through their heads in order to change how they felt. Now some of these may have provided limited solutions.

My proposal is that depression is caused by a range of factors some of which are a bit new age and others are about the lack of skills in certain areas. Controlling your mind is one of these (I am not talking about some kind of superpower). Just managing how you think, in the same way you would manage an awkward child.

The biggest factor I have worked out in relation to the solving the depression conundrum is

helping you to think like someone who is not suffering with anything.


If you are serious about getting some assistance with solving the errors in your thinking, please get in touch. I have a range of tools that will help you.

You can contact me using the form below, I do get booked up a lot but I know we will be able to find some time to help you.

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