Divorce – The Guide

Since 2004 I have been providing guidance and information  to women who are planning to :-ebook_cover

  • Separate
  • Leave
  • Divorce

their husbands. Some of which have behaved in shocking ways.

Some of them have just be told that he’s leaving, for a twenty something, a trial separation, stress, work or his first love. Whatever!

Your immediate reaction is to want him beaten to within an inch of his life, have him thrown in a ditch that is slowly filled with ice cold water over a period of days – look I can’t offer you that even if you paid me.

But what I have done is put together a short course, some information that will help you understand what the deal is, what needs to happen next and to outline some short cuts.

I have done this for several reasons – the first one is that I know it will help you. Help you make some decisions about what you need to do next.  But the main one is this – I can’t possibly work with you all. I just don’t have the time. But I still want to help.

It comes to you at no charge or commitment, and it will help you move forward. It tells the truth. Just a shame your soon to be ex couldn’t do that.

Below is a short recording of me explaining what this manual/short course is all about. 



But  I can offer you some guidance, some advice – if you like some short cuts to resolving where you are now to where you should be.

My work has involved helping many women  through the maze of lies, deceit and expense caused by many in the legal profession and their ex’s.

The knowledge I have gained is worth many tens of thousands of pounds in saved time and legal fee’s, but it will also give you an edge over your ex when it comes to a split. I am a qualified financial consultant, along with being a more than a bit ‘streetwise’ when it comes to Divorce!

DivorceClient_TestimonialBefore you end up spending good money on mediation, solicitors or even having having a conversation with him or anyone else. Get hold of this report and the updates from me and I can guarantee you a quicker result with no obligation or commitment, if you need some more help that’s not a problem, just ask. I may charge you for it, but not until we have discussed it in depth.

*** Look don’t worry about me charging you any money at the moment, this report and the supporting information is free ***

Whatever you do next, make sure you get hold of this information first. Time, money and heartache is all you’ll be saving initially. Peace of mind and a clear understanding is what comes next.

Send us your details using the form below, and I’ll rush you the report and supporting information.

I do send regular emails and updates from this service, often daily. But you can leave at any time, each email contains a link to change your details or to unsubscribe.


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