Dying To Know

This is the first of the taboo subjects we come up against as adults. No one ever wants to talk about. No one ever wants to discuss the fact that we are all working towards our leaving this planet at some point.

This makes the post and pre zimmer planning even more important. Simply because it’s never discussed.

Five years ago I presented at the first Dying to Know event in East Grinstead. And have gone on to run the corporate workshops on the subject. MoneyTrainers Workshops

Each one of these covers the help you will need in order to prepare for the event, and at the same time I cover all of the later life issues that may arise.

Covering, in depth a wide range of issues.

  • Care Fees Planning
  • Inheritance Tax/Trusts and Probate
  • Wills and Estate Planning
  • Funerals and funding.
  • Practical options – digital assets/business assets

We will also be looking at the Compassion in Dying guidance along with touching on Care at Home, State provision.

The cost for this one day workshop will be worth at least ten times the cost of a seat and will reduce stress substantially if you are having to deal with an elderly parents affairs or want to put plans in place for you own.

We’ll cover tips and tricks, dark arts and howto.

I am not booking these personally, but you can arrange your seat by making direct contact with Judy Sharp over at Indigo Umbrella, or contact me on the MoneyTrainers workshop link if you’d like me to come to your place of work for your own event.

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