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Since 1988 when Financial regulation first started to have an impact in the UK consumers have struggled to find genuine impartial and independent financial planning advice. And despite the promises made via government departments and the financial regulators not much has changed since then.

I think it’s fair to  say that the effect of regulation has been just to give us more regulation and has added little value to the consumers of financial products. Financial services mis-selling and wholesale mis-selling by the banks has further damaged trust in the sector.

For consumers getting access to high-quality financial advice and information has been and difficult in recent years. Nearly all financial advisors have to operate on a strict fee basis which means you have to pay per hour for advice and guidance. Despite the fact that the advice industry is contracting the information and knowledge you require in order to manage your own finances is now widely available to everybody.

Information that was once only available to a few insiders is now available publicly via the Internet. MoneyTrainers has been set up by an ex industry professional in order to ensure that you can get access to the right information to be able to manage and plan your finances by yourself, along with providing the tips and tricks you need to be able to make the most of what you have.

Do it yourself financial planning has never been easier, and importantly by taking control of your own finances and learning about how money really works is now easy – you just need to be aware of a few tricks.

Let’s consider pension planning as a starting point. If you are unlucky enough to have one of the highest charge providers in the market place you could see some 40% of your pension fund disappear in charges over the next ten years. Even with a low charging plan – you could see 15% go, and that’s before you have considered the other downsides to pensions.

1. No access until age 55.
2. Limited choice of investment funds.
3. Myth of Tax Relief.
4. High charges.

These are just a few of the downsides.

No matter what financial product you choose to invest in there is an entire industry waiting to rip you off. Which is why this training is so valuable.

MoneyTrainers – teaches ordinary people to do extra ordinary things with their finances.

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