Financial Adviser Twitter Trolls – Al Rush

Twitter has been alight for me over the last couple of weeks. With RAF_IFA getting involved with another of his Twitter buddies.

I wasn’t going to bother with a formal reply, but as I posted one for Annie Shaw   it seemed fair to do one for Al. Now Al seems to have a couple of problems, he doesn’t publish much information on his main website just a holding page, his other claim to fame is also showing a server error.


Lot’s of credibility there Al.

See for most of the advisers in the country, they will take a percentage of the funds invested or put under their management. If they don’t sell something they won’t get paid. Accepting of course they could charge a fee whatever happens. The financial advice industry is contracting to the point of no return (less than 23,000 authorised independent advisers) and most still playing the ‘commision game’, and the regulator (both this and the last) messing around with regulation rather than consumer protection – my work is needed more than ever.

Al, it seems you also have some followers, another couple of trolls that I kind of concur with in part. The man Morrow who seems to offering some kind of platform for something, that is not quite ready yet – another one to swerve I guess.

And then you do some incisive googling to find a phone number – all of which are on several of my contact pages – not one of you has bothered to phone. But trolls wouldn’t would they?

Interesting , all I can find out about you Al l is that you are  some kind of financial adviser, but lacks the skills to a] put up a website with any information on it or b) add any value to anything financial. How can that be in the this day and age, not even a terms of business document. Is that even legal?

Bottom line is this. I will continue doing what  I’m doing, educating my public as to the truth about the industry, helping them avoid the scams and showing them the true path to financial independence, without an adviser. As you know full well, if all you needed in order to be rich was a meeting with an IFA we’d all make that plan, only that’s not true is it Al?

With one IFA to every 2.7m people in the UK I don’t see how that will work, their days are over. The world has moved on. As Henry Tapper said “am I buying and adviser or a process?” They can’t even answer that themselves. Meanwhile I’ll go and help the masses that need the help and Al you can keep trolling along

Me I’m helping the consumers out where they can’t or shouldn’t bother with an adviser. I don’t provide regulated advice, and every one of the thousand or people I have worked with since 2010 understand that. Had you bothered to get in touch before your little rant you’d have found out all of  that.

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