Financial Advisers – They Don’t Do This

I am getting sick of financial advisers, sick of their whining and moaning about problems with compliance and clients – if they just did their job then they wouldn’t need to concern themselves with any of the moaning.



Importantly if all you needed  in order to be rich and wealthy, was to sit down in front of your local Independent Financial Adviser, let him take a slice of your wealth (annually) we’d all be doing it. Fact is – it’s not like that, never has been, most of them are surviving on just above wages in an industry that has contracted by some 95% in the last ten years. Hardly an advert.

Back to now, let’s look at investments, pensions, ISA’s or whatever you have.

Firstly. Most people don’t utilise their tax free capital gains tax allowance. Why?
Not met an adviser yet who recommended, as a first stop that you invest in something
that can use up your annual capital gains tax allowance.

Instead they use Bonds, ISA’s or anything that keeps them in control. Pensions are just
about the worst thing to invest in, yet are heavily recommended by advisers – yet removed
from the Government advice leaflet produced in 2016. Should tell you something.

And then, simplicity is disregarded and replaced with complexity. Let’s look at the truth.

I now (and for always) have educated clients and users of my training to invest for income
and never for growth. It’s a simple thing, supported by Einstein (and not some half witted
advisers) that works in your favour, not only today but forever.

See if you buy (invest)in shares of a good business, you are make a decision to grow your
future as they grow theirs. Company does well you do well.

As a shareholder they’ll also pay a share of any profits a dividend.

Even if you don’t want those dividends now, you can use them to buy more shares, meaning you earn even more dividends in future. Not complicated is it.

Albert Einstein called this the “eighth wonder of the world”, and even
he couldn’t have predicted interest rates at today’s lows of 0.25% .

The FTSE All-Share has grown by 210% over the last 24 years or so, and had you added
dividends to that you could have ended up with over 600%. Put one pound in and got £6 back
Of course, past performance is not a guide to future returns, but the same principles will
still apply.
Fact is there are far to many advisers out there that ignore this simple principle and
end up creating portfolios of utter rubbish, which you as a client can do nothing about.

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