Financial Planning Guidance – Views and Genuine Help.

Financial Education, Planning and Guidance has never been more important.

[box] The Finance Zone provides you with unbiased and impartial financial guidance to ensure you make the most of every pound you save and earn.

We do this by using one of our qualified planners purely on a fee basis, we don’t normally get involved with product recommendations but can provide access to a nil charge panel of providers.

We never accept income from product providers now or in the future meaning you always benefit from the full low charge, this will negate the costs of our services within months usually.[/box]

We offer you a range of financial planning and guidance and specialise  in Investment Portfolio Cost Reduction, Divorce ~ Financial Mediation making sure we pick up on what your Solicitor misses, and our last area of specialism is in reviewing Past Financial Advice with a view to ensuring you have actually had the kind of advice you thought you had.

We can save you money and make you money from your existing investments and you know exactly how much you are paying in fees just by making the switch to one of the ‘nil’ Charge Providers in the market place.

 Since 2008 when the financial crisis first hit there has been a scramble from the financial service industry to protect itself from the wrath of the regulator and to ensure it survives, much of what has happened since has not really left consumers with much to be pleased about.

Since January 2013 Financial Advisers have been forced to clarify what there charges and how these are paid which makes them the same as every other professional. However their charges can still be paid by the product provider.

The service offered by us comes with some clarity.

  • We don’t sell any products but provide a range of options from the lowest charging providers in the market place.
  • We do provide specific guidance and advice that is guaranteed to be timely and accurate. 
  • Our work is charged as a one off fee with a money back guarantee.

Where you need specific product advice and decide not to use one of our researched providers then we will make a referral to one of our panel advisers who will provide you with a specific cost for the work required – it’s your choice if you want accept it.

You may wonder why we offer our services like this?

  • The banks have managed to go from one crisis to another.
  • Many product providers and advisers have not changed much despite tougher regulation.
  • 2013 brings with it loads of new changes that should ensure you get better advice than you have ever done in the past, lets hope.
  • Most consumers distrust the financial market place because it is only interested in selling products, we only provide advice which you pay for.

We are one of the few firms that will tell you the truth, uncover the scams and give you the guidance you deserve. Without bias and we are not like your normal advisers.

[box] When You Are Ready To Book A Session (30 minutes) And Get Guidance About Any Financial Planning Matter You Can Pay And Book Via Paypal.

Once payment  is made we will contact you to arrange a time for the call. [/box]

We have no products to sell. Nothing to arrange for you, nothing to pay us a commission all we offer is a range of (information and how to guides) and personal guidance that will give you the information you need in order to make your own decision, and if you want  more  we will of course provide you with all of the help you need.

Guaranteed advice and guidance for the past twenty three years.

Unique? We like to think so.