Financial Complaints

If you have had a complaint against any UK financial services firm  rejected by the financial ombudsman service we will be able to help you.

The simple facts around the financial ombudsman are:-

Most claims submitted are rejected by adjudicators who are not qualified financial advisers and therefore have little understanding of what actually happens when you take financial advice.

Many of the adjudicators are contractors who are just there to oversee a quantity of cases and work in a system that see’ s them rejecting a good number of cases which we have later had over turned making them valid complaints.

 We believe that the Ombudsman are rejecting complaints that are valid and we are here to offer you an impartial review of your complaint if it is rejected by them.

  • In particular if you have had your
  • Pension Transfer complaint rejected.
  • Investment Bond complaint rejected
  • ISA or other Investment complaint rejected

 We can help you, without fuss or obligation and on a fixed fee (refunded if we don’t get your complaint upheld in your favour).

All of our staff are experienced complaint handlers and independent advisers and we do not ask for or accept any share of compensation that may be payable if your complaint is upheld and provide a refund of our charges if you are no successful.

In the first instance contact us below.


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