Introduction To Money Trainers.

When I first started my adult life….

There was limited information and advice available to show how money and life really worked, all we were ever told was get an education, get a job, get a wife, house, kids and a pension. Don’t break any laws, look forward to your eventual death after two or three years of retirement. That kinda sucks as any life plan.

What about having a flexible, incredible life of financial independence? It’s possible to get this few short years, no B.S just an alternative plan. Proof of concept – the first paragraph tells you all you need to know – do the same as everyone else you end up with the same as them.

I have worked a few things out. Record house prices, record levels of money held in pensions, the failure of financial and other regulation, student debt, increasing levels of taxation; all of this conspires against you. Then there is the financial advice industry – despite me working in the industry (and being qualified) I have never met a single person, that can honestly say that their financial adviser made them rich, they may have pushed things along – but they never made it happen.

And there is a reason for that, which is what MoneyTrainers is all about, not only the truth about finances in this modern world and the massive shift that has gone on since 2000. Facts are, planning and growing your own wealth has never been easier.

Not only are the nuts and bolts of investment planning important, but the ‘how to’ of everything else in your financial, personal and business life and how that all fits together to have the life you want and deserve. By thinking differently and making some minor changes to how to do things, and taking advantage of things the financial services industry won’t discuss – FI, financial independence can be yours.

Honestly, the world has changed and it’s not going to back to what it was. If you want to know what is really going on, what is really working send me your details below and I’ll share some things with you.

Let me give you some truths about pensions both company and the state.

Let me give you truths about reducing tax.

Let me give you some truths about investing and saving.

After twenty seven years of telling clients what to do next  I now teach what really works.

The training is free and I know it will help you, you can get yours below.

Just so you know, we don’t share you personal details with anyone. Ever!

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