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Creating your first Will or updating an existing one is an important process that we all have to go through. Before you even start there are some important decisions to make.

  • Your Will and taxation on death
  • Your Will and Care Fees planning
  • Your Will and solicitors

These are just a few considerations.

Over here at the Finance Zone I come at things from a slightly different angle, in that I don’t get involved with writing Wills, it’s far to specialised. Where I help is at the planning stage and to asssist with the correct completion of instructions and ensure your Wills are drawn up in accordance with best practice and up to date financial guidance.

Between us you get to make sure your children and beneficiary’s are treated properly, but in a way that helps you.

By showing you what the problems are and how to solve them before you even think about your new Will.

I then outsource the creation of the documents to a highly specialised third party – who is a member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP).

The reasons for not using a local solicitor for creating your Will fall into several areas, which is why have prepared a report on the subject, it’s yours free and available from below.

Reasons to use The Finance Zone for your last Will and Testament.

  • STEP (Society of Trust and Estate Practioners)  members specialise in estate planning and The Will documentation used by me comes from a STEP member and all they do is  Will writing. It’s a  bit like going to see a GP to solve a heart problem, when a Cardiologist is far more qualified. By combining high level financial guidance and Step documentation you get the best of the best. We use a qualified STEP member for all documentation.
  • Most solicitors don’t have qualifications in Wills and Estates (in fact some 25% of wills created by solicitors were not of sufficient quality). Source Solicitors Regulation Authority.
  •  Solicitors are unable to provide financial guidance and help with questions about Care Fees planning and Trusts, it’s also something few Will Writers also understand and often mis-advise on these matters ( The 2014 Care Act)  has major implications for all of us.
  • I will only create Wills for you after a full examination of your circumstances and after considering your options, and I provide a full explanation of these – no shortcuts.
  • You benefit from my financial, legal and estate planning experience before, during and after we have worked together.
  • We include automatically an Advance Decision to cover any failing health  and can include lifetime updates (both of these things are  vitally important).

Your Will Needs To Deal With These Things

  • Wills and the people who will benefit from your things
  • Wills and family protection
  • Wills and taxation
  • Care Fees planning

Wills and Estate Plans Prepared By The Finance Zone

You get the honest truth about your options and a forward plan  that takes into account existing rules and one that fits your circumstances, you also get the financial and legal guidance to ensure you fully understand your options and they way forward.  Importantly, there are no surprises in relation to charges.

You get this all in a fixed cost, with a formal report and recommendations outlining your options. I’ve even prepared a free report outlining some of the things you’ll need to know in advance.

Importantly your Estate Planning Money Back Guarantee – If any time you decide that you are not happy with the work or guidance  I do for you just let me know and you’ll get a full and complete refund of every you have paid for your Will Making/ Estate Planning service.

No questions asked refund policy. Not happy then don’t pay. Even if it’s years later.


I have provided a short audio below.


Free Make a Will report, which outlines some of the pitfalls of making a Will. Get yours below.

There is no charge for this, and no sales people will call. That’d be wrong. The report contains some important information. Like, why a solicitor may not be  the best person to create your last Will and Testament and why creating a trust in your Will won’t protect you from your liability  to care fees.

It’s yours and I’ll send it to you automatically, no charge and no obligation.

Don’t forget that all of our services and guidance comes with a complete money back guarantee, no questions asked.  If at any stage in the future you are not happy with any of the work done on your behalf we’ll provide a full refund. Simple.

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