Meet Alison Average – And Her £250k Tax Bill

Alison Average - £250k Income Tax

Alison Average has just turned 20, and she approached us for some guidance  about her longer-term finances. She was really surprised at the result.

Key pointers were  tax and travel cost’s but there are a number of interesting findings all of which will have a similar impact on you – not saying you can avoid them all, but you don’t know what you don’t know.

She was really surprised at the results and I think you will too.

Her concerns were very similar to most of us.

Far too much month left at the end of her money, struggling to save and not enough cash to go round, but it was more than that. She doesn’t really understand the whole pension and investment side of things, What were her options, how much would her state pension be and when would she get it. Questions, questions.

Alison always wanted children, but with no idea how she was going to afford somewhere to live, kids were a long way off. So I started to talk Alison about the real world of money, how it worked, explained how much she pays in tax and advised of some ways to sort this out. We also looked the whole Life Time income situation, which helps to provide some heavy liftting in the long term.

Alison, like most people doesn’t care much for investing, pensions, understanding mortgages, and is more concerned about job security, buying a home affording children. With the kind of financial education we provide Alison soon starts to understand about using leverage, and her future income to life life her way.

Financial Independence is something that is a possibility for everyone, not just the wealthy. And the key to that is one of the best lessons I have taught my clients over the last twenty five years- poverty can’t live with persistant but tiny actions.

Provided you want to live a life that allows you to…

  • Be debt free
  • Retire early and often
  • To not worry about a job or work

And you want this to be…

  • Low risk
  • Is proven and tested over many years
  • Simple to understand

Get a copy of this report about Alison Average and the supporting information. It’s powerful, true and something anyone can follow.

This report, explains some simple truths about your lifetime of tax and spending. Importantly it shows you just how much money you really have kicking around, even if you are average.

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