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How Do You Feel About How The Banks and Financial Services Firms Have Treated You?

Would you like to know how beat them at their own game?

Look, if the financial services sector was working in your best interests then every person who received advice and guidance would be sitting pretty now, not concerned about their finances. The fact is – the industry cares less about you now than they ever have.

The Money Trainers Divorce guide is available at no charge, just send your details using the form below.

Thirty years ago only the banks and advisers had access to certain information and tools to enable a reasonable financial plan to be created and now these are available to everyone.

Information that allows you to get a seven percent return per year on your investments instead of half a percent at the local bank. Information that allows you pay less than .50% in charges instead of three or five percent charged by fund managers and IFA’s.

Information that shows you how to compare mortgages based on fact and not someones misguided, commision driven professional opinion.

Over the last twenty five years I have helped over nine hundred individuals plan their finances through all lifetime events, marriage, children, divorce and separation retirement planning and  death. Along the way  I have showed them how to

  • Invest in pensions without 60% being taken in charges.
  • Invest in stock markets via unit trusts and funds with 40% lower charges.
  • Helped customers recover funds lost  through mis-selling.
  • Reduce your income liability using the same techniques that all wealth and successful people use.

These are just a few of things  I teach you how to do.

I am qualified to provide financial advice by the CII and the IFS  and with over fifteen years of experience managing a team of advisers and overseeing investment portfolios of more than £50 million.

I was forced to retire when my wife became ill in 2010 and have spent the last four years condensing what  I know into a financial services training package, why? Quite simply because the financial regulators and the financial industry continues to fleece ordinary people like you, all because you won’t invest a few hours per month in your own education.

If you will let me I will  teach you all you need to know about :-

  • Investing and saving money.
  • Why investing in a pension could be your worst decision – it was mine?
  • Planning your finances in a tax efficient way.
  • Making sure your finances are in tip top order.
  • Mortgages and debt – how to get rid of them and why you should.

The first of these modules relate to Pensions and Pension Planning – Pensions are not the sexy beast advisers tell you they are.

If you have a pension fund of £100,000 – this module could save you £30,000 in charges over the coming 15 years.

It’s available to you now at no charge, I have nothing to sell you, nothing to offer you at this stage but control over your financial position and some simple tools you can use immediately to plan you own future.

I bring you:-

  • Facts about investments and how to structure your finances so  you are in control.
  • Low cost buy high performing investments the industry wants to keep secret.
  • The one investment tool you need to about in order to get better returns from identical investments.
  • Why your mindset around investments and financial planning are keeping you poor.


You will never get a better opportunity to take control of your personal financial situation, no one cares more about your personal finances than you.

This free training is designed to show you what to do next how to arrange your finances and your investments in order to reduce tax and maximise returns.

The Money Trainers Divorce guide is available at no charge, just send your details using the form below.

I have included in this free training – the bonus modules which outline the up to date tools and investments you must take advantage of now.





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