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MoneyTrainers has been around for the past twenty three years, only not so long ago the only time you could access the knowledge and skills was to employ a financial adviser and hope they were up to scratch – only now it’s all change.


MoneyTrainers provides you with the following key benefits.

  • The skills and knowledge you need in order to be your own financial adviser.
  • The inside information about investments and pensions the industry does not want you to know.
  • Howto skills – showing you how to structure and arrange your finances in order to pay less tax and with lower charges.
  • Provides information on a range of providers that will help you reduce costs and save money long term.

These are the same skills and information that some financial advisers use with their own clients. I know that because I am a qualified financial adviser with over twenty three years of experience. The knowledge contained in the website is not only information that the industry would rather you not have, but guidance and skills that the financial services sector would rather you didn’t have.


The training is broken down into tiny steps  and you will see results in days. Just follow the steps. If any time you are stuck, get in touch and we will help. You can also join our ‘secret Facebook group’ to get help whenever you want.


The Big Fat Guarantee.

Provided you follow the steps laid out I guarantee that your financial situation will improve massively over the coming months and years.

This is not a get rich programme – but a series of trainings that show you how to plan and structure your finances and investments in the same way as the mega wealthy have done for years. With insider knowledge that you cannot buy anywhere.


You will learn..

  1. What things you should do in order to boost your income/the truth about income.
  2. What things you should invest in in order to transform your long term wealth.
  3. How to reduce the charges on your pensions/investments in order to allow to actually make money.
  4. Some of things you should never invest in.
  5. How to plan your taxes like the very wealthy and how to use the same tricks used by Amazon and Starbucks.
  6. How to reduce debt without causing strain/the problems with debt
  7. Why having certain types of investment will serve to keep you poor.

If you were to pop over and spend a few hours with a competent independent financial adviser you may get access to about ten percent of the above, and then if you are lucky they will help you execute a plan at a cost of at least £100 per hour. You will learn nothing. This training provides you with all of the knowledge you need and combines that with information that will allow you to grow your own wealth on your terms.

You will need to find about two hours per week for the first month or so, after that your finances will start to manage themselves. Because the principles contained in these trainings are timeless – just not taught properly by anyone else. In fact they are no taught at all.

Quite simply this – if the current offering from the Financial Advice industry was working we would all be rich. Most of the planet is made up of people with challenged finances – and there is a reason for this. The Financial Advice industry is only out to serve itself. It is not trying to educate or help you – or we would all be free of money worries. You can change your financial life completely by getting on this course.


The training is delivered monthly via email, with online video and audio training, along with a monthly online meetup. We planning a number of seminars and live trainings across the UK and you will be informed of these (these will be at no charge for members).  At the moment we are at launch stage and the current pricing level will not continue for long.

We use Paypal as a payment processor. This means your personal information is not shared with us. Importantly if you don’t have a Paypal account use the ‘credit or debit’ card option on the Paypal site or get in touch to pay via Direct Debit

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