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Over here at MoneyTrainers we  teach people about money,  I  soon realised that talking about money linked  very closely to how men and women think, about themselves and their money.

Thinking in better ways helps with your money, how you feel and your general approach to life. Having little money, thinking and feeling bad, struggling with ‘self medication’ (drink and or drugs) does not mean you are broken and need fixing.

You need to change a few things that’s all.

It normally  starts with people thinking that they can’t manage money with the usual remark “I am no good with money”  – to which I always reply, no not yet.

So how does that lead me to providing  help with depression. Since my wife had chemotherapy following breast cancer a few years ago; which was topped up with a ‘few flat months’.  She was prescribed the usual ‘anti depressant’  and told to wait and see. Five years later nothing had changed, and she was still on them!

Sadly both of my sisters-in law are also on the same or similar doses and for broadly a similar time, with no signs of anything changing, this proved to me that the drugs don’t work! But, that still did not mean I could announce that I had found a cure for a condition. where many others had failed.

Moving forward to where we are now. I have always taught my money students, how to think differently and in particular how to use Mindfulness as a valuable tool in the armoury, to shine a light in  those dark places, to view things differently.

Over a period of weeks I noticed some changes in the people I had been working with. A bit more positive, a bit more outgoing. A  shift, a bit more of a can do approach.

I then went on to show  a client with Tinnitus (ringing in the ears) how to use a variation on a Mindfulness technique in order to substantially reduce symptoms.  Let me know if you want a copy of this, no charge.

This brings me to where we are today, and this week I  amazed  to read that after a ‘blind study’. Mindfulness was at least as effective as anti depressants. Something I think I knew a while ago, indeed most of the people I have worked with on their attitude – their thinking have dramatically improved, not only their finances but their whole lives and tell me they feel better everywhere.

The tools you need to get better with money are the tools you need to think differently and immediately start to feel/think better.

Once you know that thoughts are not things there is no going back.

Back to depression and the issues. Below is a video that recently appeared on the Guardian website, and below it a download of a document (pdf) which provides some more pointers in this area.


I believe that thinking differently is a solution to all kinds of illness including depression and anxiety, it certainly works for making money.

Let me know if you would be interested in coming along to one of my open events or want to book time with me on a one to basis using the form below. Meanwhile remember that you are not broken and you don’t need fixing.

My short report is here. Mindfulness  (pdf format)

You can contact me using the form below.  All in confidence.

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