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Before establishing Money Trainers I worked as, and managed teams of Independent Financial Advisers. Up until 2010 I regarded myself as a highly competent and qualified financial adviser. Having provided financial advice and guidance since 1988. My client list included one sitting MP a  Hollywood ‘A’ listed actor along with two FTSE 100 Chief Executives.   In 2010 my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer and having two teenage children needed to make some changes to my work patterns and my lifestyle. I started to look at my own financial circumstances very carefully and very soon I realised that I had fallen into a trap.

A financial trap of my own making, yet one in which all of my professional qualifications had led me.

I had a good deal of money tied up in a house I could do nothing with, and a lump sum of money in pensions that  I could do nothing with, and enough liquid investments to support the family for about three months and no more.   I realised then that my own plan was flawed beyond belief and I was forced to take some radical action, it ended up with me selling the family home and downsizing substantially in order to keep some kind of stability.

Over the next four years I started to look at what was going on the world of financial planning and realised these points.

I now teach individuals and small business owners how to take control of their own finances based around a series of core principles. The Three M’s.   My wife is now better (you are never cured of cancer) and my own long term financial situation is improving dramatically now I am taking my own modified and principled advice.


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