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Do You Own A Personal Pension Plan From A UK Based Provider?

Pension charges are an issue, have always been an issue and will continue to be an issue until you the “public” start to take a stand against the providers in the market place that are charging more than they should to manage  your money, you can’t do that unless you have the knowledge.

[box] I have been an Independent Financial Adviser for  24 years – and as you would expect  professionally qualified. Over the past few years I  have developed a number of financial products and guides in certain areas of consumer finance.

  • I am a  financial expert and in particular an expert on the way the financial industry misrepresents itself.
  • I help consumers and businesses with financial problems created by the industry and have a proven track record in getting wrongs put right.
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If you have  a Pension(s) with any of the UK Banks or the larger Insurance Groups in the UK  I can say with some certainty that you are being charged considerably more than you should be.


  • Your Pension has an Advisor attached to it.
  • If your Pension was taken out 20 or 10 years ago
  • You are not aware of the charges within your Pension
  • Your Financial Adviser is trying to charge you a fee for ongoing advice

You need to get this report.

Below I have outlined the issue of charges in relation two types of pension ~ both of these plans are in the market place at the moment. 

Pension One
Initial Charge – 5% (£5 per hundred invested).
Annual Charge – 2.5% (£2.50 per hundred held)
Monthly Admin – £3.50

So with £10,000 invested and £100 per month contributions you are paying the following.
£60 pa initial charges
£250 pa annual charge
£42 – monthly admin (x12)

With out arguing over the pennies your annual charges are £352 per year.

Not much is it?

Let me put that in perspective for you, over a ten year period at least £3520 of your fund will disappear. Is it any wonder the pension industry wants your money.

Compare that with Pension 2.
£10,000 invested – Pension Charges – £NIL
£100 per month invested charges – £Nil

Probably saying to yourself – whats the catch, how can that be true?

The reality is this, there are several providers that are able to offer Pension 2 in the market place (even providing products at no charge is competitive), and there are some other caveats, but nothing you should worry about.

You are going to have some questions.

  • How do I work out what my present provider charges me?
  • How do I move my pension from one to another ?
  • What are the practicalities of moving pensions?

All of these are answered in my report, there is no obligation to buy anything. Nor will you be bombarded with sales emails or calls offering ‘money back’  – it’s not the way I work honestly.

[box type=”box”] Guarantee – the information in the report is not what the industry wants, but is what you need.[/box]

Do you want some further information, send me your details below and I will get this out to you.

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