Paying For Residential Care

Once you get to a certain age I’m sure you start to consider this area of your personal finances. and with the number of ‘snake oil’ salesmen out there, there’s a good chance you are going to end up being sold something.


Before you move forward it’s important you get some guidance and advice. For those of you that need care in the short term – your options are pretty straightforward, but that doesn’t mean you should go blindly.

I have included a short presentation below which outlines some important points about your Care Fees planning. It won’t take long.

Send me your details via the box below and I’ll send you important information and let you know when I am next running these informal workshops. No salesman will call and your information is not shared.

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Not only have  I been advising clients for over 28 years I now help people like you understand what your options are, I don’t have any products or solutions to sell you just the truth, in a practical and risk free way. Importantly, you’ll also have the answers before you make the call to a Care Home or Social Services. Neither of which will provide you with impartial guidance.

Importantly, I have both of my inlaws in care – so my knowledge is first hand.

Get in touch today for a no obligation chat. You’ll be pleased you did.

Care Fees Hotline

I also have a report for you  with some further information, this is below.

Care Fees Guide – West Sussex

If you would prefer the audio of this presentation you can listen here.


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