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Personal Financial Planning is a complex subject; or so the industry would allow you to believe. In fact, the worlds very wealthy have found that, it’s surprisingly easy to make your money make money – it’s called leverage. Most of the planning I do with you, my potential clients is work with you to make sure – your investments, your planning is leveraged.

There is nothing to buy from these pages, and you will find my best content from the last twenty years or so or helping people like you – make the most of what you have.

Pension Planning – How pensions work and the truth about pensions.

British Steel and Tata – This sorry tale of poor pension advice and how that happened.

The Great British Pension Swindle – You may have been advised or told that Pensions are the panacea – the one product that solves all of your problems. If only that was the case.

Pensions, Time and Money – We come this way only once and for a limited amount of time. If God laughs every time someone invests for the long term – he must be pissing himself with the state of the pensions industry.

Pension Charges – Pension Charges are just about the only thing you control when it comes to your personal financial planning – get this sorted today.

Care Fees – If you live in Sussex or the surrounding areas – here are a few things you need to know. Care fees in later life are a problem, well they are the way some are going about it.

Financial Planning – Financial Advice – here are seven things you need to know. – Flexibility with your investments, avoiding inflexible investments like pensions – lots to think about in this article.

Probate Services – Crawley – interesting area this. Even if you don’t want to pay for a third party to solve the problem for you – I can help you deal with it yourself for a fraction of the cost.

Financial Advice – a clean slate. Lovely short film. Not about money, more about life. Worth the ten minutes or so it’ll soak up.

The Great Europe Cashpoint Scandal  Рbefore you use a cash point overseas there are some things you should know.


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