Personal Pension Review and Transfer Training.

If your personal pension ‘pot’ is currently valued at more than £30,000 (the average in the UK is £46,000) getting access to high quality financial advice is going to be hard.

  • The local Independent Financial Adviser will want to charge you at least £1,000 on a fee basis.
  • The local High Street Bank – they no longer offer face to face advice.
  • Direct Sales – Life Insurance firms; most now don’t offer transfer advice.

Over here at the Finance Zone  we  don’t have any pension products to sell you – we can’t run off with your money like many of the scamsters out there, nor do we have any favourite providers – but we do provide all of the tools and guidance you need to be able to solve your own pension problem, and provide a range of options  – so you can make the most of your money.

If I were you I would be asking how can I benefit from the MoneyTrainers training?

And it’s this simple – we show you how to save and make more money using the available technology and by telling you the truth.

The truth about pensions and pension charges and the truth about the investment markets. How they really work. According to the Telegraph one in four  of you is being ripped off. Which is why  I created this training. I am a qualified financial consultant. I have been an IFA for 22 years and  tell the truth about money.

Pension Charges Rip Off

Your Pension.

Even if you had a reasonable pension with reasonable charges you could expect to pay at £450 per in charges per £30,000 of pension and I can show you how to halve that my making some minor charges. All for the cost of this training. It’s presently £30 paid over three months.

If your pension fund is larger the savings will obviously be greater.  The maths are simple.

You spend £30 on training and guidance – and make some small changes to your pension arrangements you will saving at least £200 per year  and a lot more if your pension is more than £30,000 – I guarantee it.

Importantly you can also use the skills learned to manage your own investments – with the same cash saving. Teach your children how to do the same, the savings just keep on multiplying. We also provide unlimited support and resources along with the ability to ask a question via

We use GoCardless as the payment processor to keep our costs low. They collect the payment via Direct Debit which means you get the Direct Debit Guarantee offered by all UK banks. Once you have set up the payment our system will email you instructions.

The cost of this guidance is £30  – £10 per month. Once you all of the information you need, you simply let us know and we’ll cancel the direct debit.

Pay Via Go Cardless

If you have any questions  – please raise a support request  and someone will get back to you.

If you’d like another payment method please raise a support ticket (Debit and Credit cards accepted).


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