Police Service Pension

Are you a retiring police officer looking to get some guidance on your pension option?

I am a qualified pension expert that can provide you with the independent guidance and practical help you will need in order for you to make the best decision about your retirement from the force.

Your pension concerns and options could fall into several areas…

  • Do you take the pension now or wait?
  • Do you take the maximum tax free cash?
  • What happens with my State Pension, how much is that going to be and when?
  • What happens if you continue to work?
  • What happens to x or y if you do this or that?

I can help you answer all of these questions, with a confidential and independent review of your circumstances and your pension. I have no products to sell you, just straight forward an honest guidance in relation to your options.

Getting the information you need now, before you have to make that final decision is important. Once made there is no going back, the more time have, the more information you have the better your decision. This is why I urge you to start the process early.

You will probably want to know who I am. I am a qualified personal finance professional who has been featured by the FT on pension matters and the man who authored The Great British Pension Swindle which went on to influence Government in the recent Pensions Act (Clause 125 of this is based on my recommendations).

If you are not quite ready to retire I can offer you a confidential review of your options.

If you are planning to retire but have no idea how this will work for you or the income you can expect then a review of your retirement options will be one to go for.

My independent reviews are below

Completely independent and impartial and a fixed cost service.

  • Pension Review
  • Written report and recommendations
  • Frank and honest discussion in relation to your options.
  • No surprises.

Ready, then get in touch using the form below and we can talk about what you need to move forward.

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