Privacy Statement 2022


Richard Smith  –  Privacy Notice

I collect and hold a range of personal data about my existing and prospective clients.

I only use your personal data if I have good reason reason for doing so. If you’re a client, this is likely because I carry out work for you.

For marketing purposes, I’ll only use your data if I have your consent, this consent can be given in a range of ways – normally by you opting in to one of  my email or physical ‘snail mail’ services. Or by requesting information from me.

You can remove yourself from any of these marketing activities at anytime, using the link provided or by asking me to remove you – no problem.

If I’ve given you help in the past, I’m  going to hold onto your personal data forever (safely, of course). Whilst I hope to never need it to defend a legal claim or complaint one day, it would be pretty stupid  of me to delete it and then have no defence!

The nature of my work means I also hold some ‘special category data’ about  clients. I’m extra careful with this more sensitive personal data and this won’t be revealed to any third party without a court order or your earlier written authority.

You can ask me about the personal data I hold on you and, under some circumstances, ask me to delete it. My need to keep your personal data  is to fulfil my contractual obligations and/or  defend against potential future complaints  but I’ll consider it on a case-by-case basis.

All data is held securely and encrypted where appropriate. Paper files and notes are kept securely until converted into digital files.  I use a number of software services to hold data and these comply fully with with EU GDPR requirements.

I don’t store credit card or bank details and this information is not shared with me via my two payment gateways. Paypal and GoCardless.

If you’ve got any questions about any of this stuff, please just ask.

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