Probate Costs

Interesting to note that ‘because of Brexit’ the planned increase in the costs of probate are going to be delayed. Question is for how long. This article from the Guardian

Seems to indicate that it could well be some time before these new charges start to bite. Use to the be the case that Government services were based around the cost of the service to Government and priced accordingly, yet there does seem to be more and more charges that are indeed ‘revenue producing’ – or taxation by the back door. We have seen more and more stealth type taxes introduced which does concern me a little. I wonder when these will cease.

An increase in probate costs without a doubt considerably more than the cost of the service to the taxpayer. I don’t think it will be long before these new charges drop into the mix.

The increase in charges will affect those estates of more than £300,000 which I accept is not going to be all cases – but still the Guardian estimate an increase of some £155m per year once the new rules apply – not an insignificant sum of increased cash.

Meanwhile of course if you need any help with probate you’d better get in touch.

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