Probate – How Long Does It Take?

Probate Services In West Sussex.

At anyone time I am helping at least nine or ten families solve their probate application problems.

Most of these cases are pretty ordinary, where the deceased left a spouse and little else. This makes the probate application pretty straightforward even if there is a property involved.

The question you need to ask is this.

Do you have the time of the knowledge you work through the process or would be better off employing someone to help you with it?

Time wise, the Probate Office is months behind. Ordinary applications are taking three or four months to be processed. If there is Inheritance Tax to pay then you can double that timescale- before you can wind an estate up.

For me, I usually get papers completed in around two weeks, with a submission to the Court Service, it is then just a waiting game.

The actual application is straightforward enough for you to do yourself, however if you don’t understand the terminology it can be a grind getting through the system. You have to remember, the legal profession wants the process to be surrounded in mystery and jargon in order for you to think it is harder than it is.

It’s not.

But can be a learning curve.

For that reason I offer a fixed priced service to help you through the process of ‘obtaining probate’ which will enable you to wind up a loved one’s estate.

I can offer two options.

  1. A fixed free probate service where I deal with most of the processing for you.
  2. A fixed free ‘professional friend service – where I help you with most of the processing.

Either will be at least half of what you are probably expecting to pay.

Get in touch when you want to discuss your situation. You can call (or Whatsapp or Text) to 0774 007 6226

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