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The link to book your free consultation is here. No obligation, no matter how complex. 

In the event of a death there is a good chance you’ll be overwhelmed with the amount of paperwork and the number of things that need doing. WInding up someone else’s affairs was never going to be easy, It’s not something can ever prepare for; on top of the emotional issues – we’ve now got a pile of papers to sort through and a complex legal process to wander through. Then there is the issue of what to do next, who to call, what papers are needed and when…

Stop, get in touch with me today. I’ll gladly give you the information you need to start you off, you can then decide the things to tackle first. 15 minutes of telephone time, no cost, no obligation – I won’t even follow up with you unless you ask. The link is here

The link to book your free consultation is here. No obligation, no matter how complex.  remember 15 minutes your start in the process – and my very best advice – no charge/no obligation.

Probate – you’ll remember, it turns up in your mind like a great big scary, wild animal – and then you’ll start to remember the nightmares your parents had.

The choice of appointing a Solicitor, paying a large percentage of the estate in order to start getting things sorted, even then it takes months to sort out, or  DIY.

Unique Pay as You Go Service – No Charge If Not Delighted.

Over here at The Finance Zone I don’t just want to help you with your probate/probate application. I want to go the extra mile for you. This means
1. Any fees are fixed in advance – no surprises.
2. If you are not happy at any point – let me know and I’ll refund anything you’ve paid and return any papers.
3. Provide you with a ‘pay as you go – monthly’ service – which means you don’t have to find big chunks of cash upfront.
4. Probate usually completed in weeks not months.
5. Evening appointments not a problem.

The conundrum for you is what are your options?

  • Take time off work in order to deal with the paper and the endless forms that need completion.
  • Get together with a couple of family members and muddle through, using GOOGLE  to work through the difficult bits.
  • Buy a book on the subject and hope that helps.
  • So you speak to a couple of your friends and neighbours – only to find that they also faced similar problems to you and found  the only way to avoid the expensive and time-consuming paper chase was to hand the whole thing over to a local Solicitor and pay a small fortune in order to get the thing moving forward.

The key to all of this is, there is a different way of dealing with probate. After dealing with my own relative’s affairs and the probate system I started working with a number of clients who were in a similar situation to you – wanted someone else to take the strain, wanted some help with the paper chase process – but didn’t want to hand control to a third party solicitor.

So I now offer a couple of options for solving the probate problem – one that keeps you in control but takes only  a few weeks to solve a problem that mostly take months and sometimes years.

Probate Services – Crawley, West Sussex. – Probate help and guidance. One off fee £235 – you get all of the help and assistance you need in order to submit that application, guidance, forms and shortcuts. Allowing you to save money and keep control. I also provide template letters which allow you to move rapidly through the system.

Help You Probate Service – a fixed fee option that allows you to sit back and do little. You’ll benefit from my guidance and shortcuts as a trusted adviser – I’ll get all of the reporting done with you, submit all of the papers attend the interviews for you and make sure that things like pensions and tax matters are dealt with – at the same time making sure you don’t break
any of the rules or fall foul of any regulations – there are a few you’ll must be mindful of.

There are no surprises with this probate service, you end up with the peace of mind that your probate is being dealt with and keep control of the estate assets.

Even if you opt for the Borrow my Brain session first, you can offset the cost of this against the ‘done for you service’ either way you get access to the information and guidance you need without the time-consuming stress most face.

Call today or contact me using the form below.

    At a difficult time – a probate service you can rely on.

    All enquiries are treated in the strictest confidence and with no time pressure. I’ll also provide you with a copy of my Dying to Know workbook which outlines how you should prepare for your final days and what you should do.

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