Provided you require independent and impartial consultancy  in a number of specialist areas you are in the right place. Provided you need one of our specialist services get in touch.

Group Financial Consultancy

As a business owner it’s important that you get the right guidance on the issues that matter to you.

  • What happens on retirement, in the lead up to retirement?
  • What happens if you want to sell your business?
  • The State system is changing all of the time – do you know how?
  • Why pensions could be the worst things to ever invest in, what to do about yours?
  • How to extract cash from your business in the most efficient way.
  • Modern financing methods, there are now many more ways to finance your business.

Group consultancy, financial mastermind groups and hands-on knowledge will help you grow your personal finances and reduce the level or charges you pay. Honestly, the world has changed so much the past five years and your adviser is probably still stuck in 1999!

Your first workshop is always free of charge. Education and skills allowing to you take control.

So you’ve split with your ex and are looking to get your finances agreed. Problem is your solicitor doesn’t really understand what’s going on, and you don’t want to get a decision forced on  you by the District Judge.  I can help.

Inheritance Tax Planning – Estate Planning – Long Term Care Planning

So you have been told that the person sitting in front of you has a magic solution in order to solve your…

  • Care Fees problem
  • Your Inheritance Tax issues
  • What happens when you die  – Estate Planning (Wills and Trusts, Power of Attorney)

There is no magic solution, no one thing works all of the time. Each problem has a range of possible solutions, mixed into a  constantly moving HMRC game.

Pensions – Pension Consultancy

You are now at the age where you want to know what to do with your pensions. You have some options, you can take some guidance from the likes of the Pension Advisory Service  which is effectively a Government Department, or you can speak to someone that has nearly thirty years of experience of pensions, and let me show you the shortcuts without  me taking a lifetime income from your fund.

Debt and Debt Advice/Taxation.

If you keep the average on your credit card and only make the minimum payment even a small debt ends up doubling in cost ever few years, and then if you are the average UK citizen with an average income, your tax bill over a working life will be over £250,00 and then you’ll pay income tax on your pension. If you need some help unravelling all of that. Let me know.

Business Development Consultancy

A range of consultancy is covered by my Small Business Gardening Service

No Quibble  Guarantee – You Can Only Win

All of my work is based on fixed fee, spread over a couple of months via direct debit. With no surprises and a 100% Money Back Guarantee – if you are not happy at anytime let me know and I’ll refund everything you have paid.

Get in touch today, you’ll be pleased you did.  I guarantee it.

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