Standard Life Dog Funds or Star Performer

In my search for quality in a sea of rubbish I have been looking at some of the largest and most well respected insurance and investment providers in the UK; in order to see how good they really are at investing your money. They would never get any of mine.

Today we look at Standard Life.

They have a total of 431 pension funds shown on Trustnet  an independent and impartial provider of data.

Of these funds only 239 have a long term history (over 5 years investment performance shown) so these are ignore for fairness.




The remaining 192 funds were then considered.

Of these only 72 funds had managed to provided an average return of 3% per year before product charges, but including fund charges.

Now I don’t believe that a 3% per year return should be considered worthy for any investment. Your money is just not working hard enough.

Only 15 funds produced a return of more than 5% per year before product charges.


Lets put that in percentage terms.

96.6% of Standard Life pension funds are not worthy of your investment.







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