Taxation | The Truth About Income and Other Taxes

So how much tax do you pay? I mean really pay! Do you know?

Most of us bob through life, not really paying much attention to the truth. In fact, generally we are all pretty positive. Hoping that things will pan out, that the Government of the day will  come up trumps and give us a plan for the future. Hoping that your employer will see how good you really are, offer that promotion. We all hope it’s going to get better.

The problems…

  • Parliaments only last for five years since the Parliaments act of a few years ago. Five years is not enough to create long term security. Just look at the political situation now (July 2016) and ask how many of these people will be around when the big plan fails.
  • Average careers last about seven years and this shortens dramatically in sales and marketing roles and some senior posts (source CIPD Employment Facts).

Relying on these clear cycles you can, quite safely assume that…

  • Every five years you are likely to face a new Government with new objectives.
  • Every seven years at least you will be looking for a new job, with new benefits and new plans to consider.

Whether you want them or not, change is  coming. There is no really sure way of relying, for your future on these people. You have to be self reliant, you have to make you own plan.

My report about Alison Average is linked below. It highlights the truth about personal taxation, how much you really pay in income and other taxes.LifetimeFinancesPersonalTaxation

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