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Over here at MoneyTrainers we do our best to make sure you get access to the highest quality advice and guidance available. All of the training and education on this site is kept up to date by a qualified and independent financial consultant.

The information contained is  up to date and always accurate, however sometimes changes in legislation are retrospective and there is nothing we can do about that.


Moneytrainers do share, loan or lend your personal information ever. Any information supplied is kept on our own servers/local machines and not shared with any third party.

Should it be required to introduce to a third party specialist your details will not be forwarded to them unless you confirm in writing or email that this is acceptable.

Client Money

We only use Paypal for payment processing, which means your credit or debit card details are not passed to us, which means we are not able to run off with your money.

We do not handle client cash, or manage investments on your behalf or with you. If any of our affiliates ask you to invest with them or ask for cheques or transfers to be made to them or any person connected with then.  Stop. Don’t. Contact us immediately.


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