The Promise

I don’t mess about with any  b.s over here, so here is my promise.

The Finance Zone Promise To You

Our work together will transform your finances, both immediately and in the medium term future. You’ll pay less in charges on any investment and pension plans you have and you’ll be able to manage them without an adviser.

Within days of us working together you’ll know exactly how to plan your finances, save money using some time tested Money  Tricks and understand how to multiply your wealth – and make your money work hard.

All of the things I show and teach are fundamental truths about saving, investing and making the most of what you have. I’ll show you how to avoid the worst kind of investments, the very worst form of pensions and help you reduce debt; in addition to helping you reduce taxation.

It all comes with a complete money back guarantee.

Financial Education you can rely on.

You do have a choice, of sitting in an advisers office while they complete a tedious thirty page questionnaire, that adds no value to your needs or concerns, and then wait for them to produce a sixty page report full of meaningless drivel or  you can simply borrow my mind for instant answers at 1/0th of the cost.

More information on Borrow My Mind – this simple but very powerful method of financial planning can be yours today. More details are here 2020 Financial Plan

You can get access via a one offer “Borrow My Mind” 90 minute telephone/Skype meeting. Perfect for one off issues you may have. Cost includes all follow-up and guidance.  Order here via Direct Debit Borrow My Mind

One of the team will be in touch to arrange a meeting as soon as the direct debit is set up. You are covered by the direct debit guarantee so you are fully protected

The full Money Trainers course and resource material is available on a pay monthly basis of forty pounds per month. You are covered by the direct debit guarantee so you are fully protected. You can order this here MoneyTrainers Course .

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