Truths About Financial Planning

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After twenty six years of managing a successful  financial advisory practice  I found myself in a precarious financial position.

My wife was diagnosed with breast cancer  and  I didn’t work for three years to care for her and my two  teenagers (12 and 13) I then ended up with Labyrinthitus   which ruined my inner ear – I could not work for another two years.

As a financial specialist I had of course done everything  the right way  or so  I thought.

I had a mortgage, pensions and some savings. but after a few years I was on my last few quid  when  I started to realise that what I had been taught to do, what my training and skills allowed to  me to advise others on was hopelessly out of date and no longer fit for purpose, yet the industry was still selling the same story.

The financial services industry and the regulatory advice system had worked against me and I was an insider, ordinary consumers had no chance.

Much of what  I had been trained to do was at least twenty years out of date. So I started to formulate my own financial guidance and success plan.

I now teach what I have learned over the the past four years,  simplified and condensed into some short lessons – and the financial services industry is not happy.

  • I will show you how you are being stitched up by the Pension Providers.
  • I will show you how independent financial advisers continue to steal money from you.
  • I will show you how regulated investments work against you.

All of which can be proven with simple maths and little online research, the evidence for what  I teach is everywhere.

The information that was once held by a few is now accessible to everyone  – it’s called the internet, you just need to know where to look. The investment success stories you hear about can be yours with a little financial information – e.g Why rich people don’t bother with pensions? There is a good reason for it.

Let me show you what I have discovered and give you the information you need to be able radically improve your financial well being for good. There is no charge  –  it’s on me.

The Information Contained In This FREE Training  Has The Power To Transform Financial Life Even If You Have No Money At The Moment.

It is spread over four weeks and will change your finances for ever, I promise.

Send me your details below and  I will get this information to you. Don’t worry I will never share your details.

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