What is Financial Coaching?

We believe that individuals who learn in their own time and at their own pace are more likely to achieve financial independence and maintain it than overs.

Over the past 22 years we have provided full independent financial planning advice to clients across the UK. However since 2010 have been on a mission to help as many people as possible get the independence they deserve.

We do this by using a series of methods and a range of online information portals and prepare a starting point, an action list if you like of Financial Planning issues that you may have and help you move forward through them. Along the way we will prepare you via formal and informal reporting along with specifically looking at any existing arrangements you may have.

We follow a strict process of making sure we can save you money or make you money by choosing low cost investment plans in the market place (cheap does not mean poor service or administration) and considering exactly how these fit in with your life and your plans. These are the normal considerations.

  • Do you have debts (mortgages or loans)?
    • Do these need to be altered or changed.
  • Life Assurances and Family projection arrangements
    • Are these sufficient for your needs or are you paying too much?
  • Pensions are these really any good for you?
  • Investments and Investment Planning – you would not believe some of the things sold by the industry and then never reviewed.
  • Investment Fund Choice – have you got  the right range of funds (this is a major source of complaints laid with the Financial Ombudsman Service).
  • Inheritance Tax and Estate Planning, Property Protection ( in case of the need for Long Term Care in Nursing homes etc).

We are unique in that we work on a solid fixed rate which means no surprises  and of course guarantee to save you money or make you money using our range of tools and expertise.

You can contact  for a no obligation conversation and as we never accept commission from any third party you be assured our advice is without any bias.

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