ZOPA | Crowd Funding -The Search For Income

During the last couple of years the world has shifted. No longer is the bank or building society the only place to consider when you want to invest or borrow money. We now have ‘Crowd Funding’ where you invest your money with like minded investors, and this money is loaned to those wishing to borrow.

This is the same thing the banks have been doing for years only with your money, oh and they have been keeping the profits. The question is  this. Is it really the same the same?

Firstly yes and no. I am in the middle of some formal research having invested my own money in two of these options in the last 18 months and my findings are positive, that said there are some pitfalls.

If you would like to see my report – warts and all. Get in contact use the contact from and ask me for the “Free CrowdFunding Report” I will get it out to you as soon as it’s complete.


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