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Care Fees – Your Options

No doubt you have arrived here looking for a solution to the conundrum of how to deal with/settle/manage your care fees problem. It maybe you with the problem or your parents.

My expertise in the field comes from thirty years of financial planning and ‘real world’ experience in with both of my in-laws needing help with this issue.

Firstly, let me tell you this. Changes in legislation and the Care Act of 2014 means that ‘avoiding or planning away’ any care fees liability is likely to fail and often will place your/your parents home and investments at risk. You can’t give something away and keep control of it via a trust or clever ruse. It has never worked – and the salesman that has just knocked on your door, or you’ve searched from something on Google – and it is ‘the’ solution…

I guarantee you it’s not. Care Fees cannot be swerved by giving away stuff you own. (full stop).

The Local Council will offer you some kind of advice or counselling to help you solve this problem and Social Services will take a keen interest in helping you to solve this problem for you/with you.

Fact are…

These organisations have a vested interest in telling you there version of how it works instead of providing you with impartial guidance based on the facts of your circumstances.

Social Services will offer you all the help and support you need – until you actually need it. And then won’t take notes in meetings at the hospital or document anything fully – meaning a lot of stuff gets forgotten or simply not explained.

The Local Authority will provide you with enough information for you to make a decision – it will normally let them off lightly and won’t respond fully until poked quite hard.

Meanwhile, getting meetings, getting help is becoming harder and harder. Budgets, resources and finance are all stretched, and you are in the middle of solving this problem for yourself or a loved one, a parent or aunt.

I help people like you solve this problem, by providing specific guidance and independent resources to ensure you make the right decision, based on your personal financial situation and the needs of the person requiring care.

I’m independent and do not sell products in this area. I provide you with the tools you’ll need to solve this problem, along with the practical help you’ll need. I am qualified to this based on my thirty years experience and that fact that I’ve been through it with my own inlaws.

When you are ready to sit down and consider your options and get some genuinely independent advice about your options for a fixed cost, the contact link is below.


Care Fees Advice – Crawley

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